Windows 10 Hamburger menu for Universal Apps


Hamburger menu/button is a simple navigation design which we can see in most modern app platforms. In most of the default Windows 10 apps Microsoft has used this navigation pattern and also recommends it to the developers.

I have found a lot of information about building such a feature in an app.

Thousands of votes to remove it

Microsoft wants to develop Windows 10 for PCs and phones with help from users, so the company launched several platforms to collect feedback from those who try out its early builds of the operating systems. Unsurprisingly, many took to these services to complain about the hamburger menu.

A post on UserVoice received more than 2,300 votes in less than 30 days and is very likely to get even more following the launch of Windows 10 for phones preview.

“Aesthetically the triple dot is cleaner, takes up less screen space and really isn’t that hard to get used to even if you’re coming from another platform. If Microsoft really wants to stick with the burger for the sake of cross-platform accessibility, perhaps give the rest of us an option to turn it off?” one user posted.

Obviously, there are ways to make the hamburger menu better for users, and a Reddit post suggests that making it more like the one on BlackBerry could help in this regard.

But in the meantime, Microsoft seems be really keen on keeping the hamburger icon around in Windows 10 for phones, so it remains to be seen if future updates could bring any change for those who like the three-dot symbol more.

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Source Code of the Library

However, in this article, I will just give you a simple yet easy to use and learn dynamic library which contains the most basic functionalities of a Hamburger menu. Enjoy!
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