Upgrading CNC 3020 to support USB connection

The 3020 CNC router is a popular Chinese machine for a good reason. For around 500EUR, you can have a simple CNC with a rigid all-aluminum frame, three decent stepper motors, and pretty good resolution. However, a major disadvantage of this CNC is the out-of-date electronic parts. The motor controller is using a parallel port which is not available in any new computer(PC). For that reason, it is...

Custom PCB using 3020 CNC

In this post i will present you my first double sided custom pcb made using a simple but “effective” CNC 3020. I’m a CNC newb so my milling process, and the following outline uses what I’ve concluded to be the most common tools. These tools are Eagle CAD, PCB-gcode, Mach 3 CNC, 0.1mm 30deg V-Shaped Engraving Bit, and of course random surplus carbide PCB drill bits from...

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