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STM32 UART – Receive unknown size data using DMA and FreeRTOS

There are several situations where we need to use a UART/Serial interface to connect our microcontroller with an external device. However, a common issue is that in most of those cases we do not know in advance the size of the messages thus, our final application needs to use either per character interrupt or a more advanced way like DMAs. Each method has it’s own pros/cons. As you can...

CAN Frames Echoing Thread for STM32F779-Eval board

Sometimes, we need an easy way to test and verify that our board works correctly, especially if we are using breadboards and cables. The following simple FreeRTOS thread is able to echo each incoming CAN frame. To use this thread you must enable FreeRTOS using the ST’s CubeMX software which will generate the appropriate startup source code and afterwards you have to include some extra...

CAN frames buffer (received by interrupt) for STM32F779-Eval board

In a previous post we saw a simple CAN library to handle the CAN interfaces of STM32 board. However one basic issue that we had to solve is the frames buffering (especially when we receive the frames). This issue came up by the processing time that each frame needs and the limitation that the receive interrupt routine should be as fast as possible. For that reason, the following source code...

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