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Image processing – Prewitt filter in C

Edge detection is the process of identify the presence and location of edges by sharp discontinuities of image. Edge detection plays an important role in image processing and helps in solving many complex problems. One useful and easy to implement algorithm is the Prewitt filter. As compared to Sobel, the Prewitt masks are simpler to implement but are very sensitive to noise. Mathematically, the...

Separation of Image Mixture using FastICA

Image separation of mixed and overlapped images is a frequent problem in computer vision (image processing). The following Matlab source code is a demonstration of image separation using FastICA algorithm based on kurtosis. clc;clear all;close all; original_image1=imread ('input1.jpg'); original_image2=imread ('input2.jpg'); figure() subplot(3,3,1),imshow(original_image1),title('Original Source...

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