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Simple data buffering/streaming algorithm – helper functionality

In this tutorial, a simple but useful data buffering/streaming algorithm is presented. It is not optimal but easy to understand and modify according to your needs… This library assumes that we need to use a big amount of data in a memory limited system. The library handles the all the data transferring procedure in a way that the user is able to easily get the amount of data without...

Cortex M atomic operations – Critical section

In concurrent programming, concurrent accesses to shared resources can lead to unexpected or erroneous behavior, so parts of the program where the shared resource is accessed are protected. This protected section is the critical section or critical region. It cannot be executed by more than one process. Typically, the critical section accesses a shared resource, such as a data structure, a...

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Dynamic memory allocation is a process that allows a program to distribute efficiently its memory space in situations of unpredictable events that need to be stored in memory due to unknown inputs[10]. Using dynamic memory allocation, while a program is running, provides the ability to request more memory from the system. If there is enough memory available, the system will grant the program the...

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