How to convert a number to C string


In certain embedded systems, using the strtol function to convert an integer to a C string may pose challenges.

However, with the utilization of the provided C function, one can successfully convert any string to an integer number. While it may not be considered the most optimal solution, it proves beneficial in addressing such issues.

This alternative approach can serve as a practical workaround for situations where the conventional strtol function is not a feasible option. By employing this function, developers can navigate and resolve challenges associated with integer-to-string conversions in embedded systems.

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double power (double X, int Y) 
  int i; 
   double value = 1; 
   for (i = 0; i < Y; i++)   
      value *= X; 
   return value; 

char * int_to_string(int value) 
   int num_of_digits=1; 
   int position = 0; 
   int temp = value; 
   char * result; 

   while ((temp = temp / 10) != 0) 

   result= (char *) malloc( (num_of_digits + 1) * sizeof(char) ); 

      *(result+ position) = ((value - (value % (int) power(10, ((num_of_digits- 1) - position)))) 
                          / (int) power(10, ((num_of_digits- 1) - position))) +48; 
      value -= (value - (value % (int) power(10, ((num_of_digits- 1) - position)))); 
   while( (++position) != num_of_digits ); 
   *(result + (num_of_digits)) = ''; 
   return result; 

Also have a look at the following useful C functions: atoi, atof, atol.

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