How to install Latex (texStudio) in a Windows PC


In this post we will introduce how to install MiKTeX plus TeXstudio on windows. This is very easy! You simply have to accept just about all the default settings.

Step 1: To begin with you have to go to the MikTeX website and navigate at the downloading page. From there you could pick the appropriate installer (32bits or 64bits) based on your system. [ Link ]

Step 2: Just start the installation process and accept the copyright conditions as well as all of the default settings.

Step 3: After the installation of MikTex and to use Latex, you have to install an IDE (editor). For that we recommend the TeXstudio as it is a freeware and gives an easy-to-use text editing experience. Your can download this software at [ Link ].

Step 4: Once the installer is downloaded you can start the setup (ps: don’t forget to accept all the default settings etc.)

Now you’re ready to go!


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